The Key Business Risk Metric
I Use Financial Advisors Don't


In this video, I discuss a key metric that is crucial for managing the risk of an asset management firm and is highly relevant for financial advisors as well. I introduce the concept of the revenue weighted average portfolio and explain how it can help assess the volatility of firm revenue and identify key risk factors. Using examples and case studies, I demonstrate the significance of this metric in diversifying portfolios and ensuring stable cash flow. Whether you’re an asset manager or a financial advisor, understanding and utilizing the revenue weighted average portfolio can greatly benefit your business and clients. Join me as we delve into this important topic and explore its implications in the world of finance. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and hit the notification bell to stay updated with more insightful content!

Return stacking aims to enhance portfolio returns and reduce risk through thoughtful diversification. The goal is to unlock the power of overlay strategies and portable alpha for regular investors, harnessing the benefits without sacrificing core allocations.

Key Topics

Risk, Diversification

Return Stacking Tools

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